Characterisation of Plasmodium invasive organelles; an ookinete microneme proteome.

  title={Characterisation of Plasmodium invasive organelles; an ookinete microneme proteome.},
  author={Kalpana Lal and Judith Helena Prieto and Elizabeth Bromley and Sanya J. Sanderson and John R. Yates and Jonathan M. Wastling and F. M. Tomley and Robert E Sinden},
  volume={9 5},
Secretion of microneme proteins is essential to Plasmodium invasion but the molecular composition of these secretory organelles remains poorly defined. Here, we describe the first Plasmodium microneme proteome. Purification of micronemes by subcellular fractionation from cultured ookinetes was confirmed by enrichment of known micronemal proteins and electron microscopy. Quantitation of electron micrographs showed >14-fold microneme enrichment compared to the intact ookinete, such that… CONTINUE READING