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Character of the"normal state"of the nickelate superconductors

  title={Character of the"normal state"of the nickelate superconductors},
  author={Kyuho Lee and Bai Yang Wang and Motoki Osada and Berit H. Goodge and Tiffany C. Wang and Yonghun Lee and Shannon P. Harvey and Woo Jin Kim and Y. Yu and Chaitanya Murthy and Srinivas Raghu and Lena F. Kourkoutis and Harold Y. Hwang},
The occurrence of superconductivity in proximity to various strongly correlated phases of matter has drawn extensive focus on their normal state properties, to develop an understanding of the state from which superconductivity emerges. The recent finding of superconductivity in layered nickelates raises similar interests. However, transport measurements of doped infinite-layer nickelate thin films have been hampered by materials limitations of these metastable compounds – in particular, a… 

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Yu-Te Hsu,1, ∗ Bai Yang Wang,2, 3 Maarten Berben,1 Danfeng Li,3, 4 Kyuho Lee,2, 3 Caitlin Duffy,1 Thom Ottenbros,1 Woo Jin Kim,3, 4 Motoki Osada,3, 5 Steffen Wiedmann,1 Harold Y. Hwang,3, 4, † and
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Qiang Gao(高强), Yuchen Zhao(赵宇辰), Xing-Jiang Zhou(周兴江)1,2,3,4*, and Zhihai Zhu(朱志海)1,2* National Lab for Superconductivity, Beijing National laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of