Character Recognition for Cursive English Handwriting to Recognize Medicine Name from Doctor's Prescription

  title={Character Recognition for Cursive English Handwriting to Recognize Medicine Name from Doctor's Prescription},
  author={Pritam S. Dhande and R. Kharat},
  journal={2017 International Conference on Computing, Communication, Control and Automation (ICCUBEA)},
  • Pritam S. Dhande, R. Kharat
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 International Conference on Computing, Communication, Control and Automation (ICCUBEA)
This paper aims to represent the work related to character recognition for cursive English handwriting recognition. Recognition of cursive characters is very challenging because the characters are connected to each other. In the proposed architecture, horizontal projection method is used for text-line segmentation and vertical projection histogram method is used for word segmentation. Convex hull algorithm is used for feature extraction and SVM is used for classification. Proposed work is… Expand
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