Chapter Seven: Middle East and North Africa

  title={Chapter Seven: Middle East and North Africa},
  journal={The Military Balance},
  pages={324 - 387}
  • Published 1 January 2020
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  • The Military Balance
Egypt, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are all recapitalising elements of their combat-aircraft fleets. Egypt and Qatar are introducing the Dassault Rafale into service, Oman has bought the Eurofighter Typhoon and Saudi Arabia continues to take delivery of its Boeing F-15SA. Qatar and Kuwait are also Eurofighter customers, although deliveries have yet to begin, while the former country is also purchasing the F-15. 
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An A2/AD in the Western Mediterranean? Is Algeria developing anti-access/area-denial capabilities?

ABSTRACT The operational and strategic effects associated with the creation of defensive bastions in the seas off China, in Eastern Europe, or the Persian Gulf have prompted extensive military