Chapter I Sources of Alkaloids and their Isolation

  title={Chapter I Sources of Alkaloids and their Isolation},
  author={Richard H. F. Manske},
Distribution of alkaloids in angiosperm phytogeny
Within the dicotyledons, there is a high incidence of alkaloid occurrence in the morphologically primitive Magnoliales–Ranales complex and related groups, a lower incidence in various phylogenetically intermediate groups and a progression of high incidence in all of the phylogenetically advanced but unrelated groups.
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The degree of spread of the seeds in the manure of birds and animals and the slow germination resulting in volunteer growth from “hard seed’ after several years of dormancy, was not appreciated at the time these species were recommended as soil builders.
Integration of Herbal Medicine Into Modern Medical Practices: Issues and Prospects
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The integration of herbal medicine into modern medical practices including cancer treatments must take into account the interrelated issues of quality, safety, and efficacy, because it can affect the efficacy and/or safety of the herbal products being used.
Der Begriff Alkaloid
Als Alkaloide 1–8 werden mehr als 6000 stickstoffhaltige Naturstoffe uberwiegend pflanzlicher, seltener tierischer Herkunft bezeichnet, die haufig alkalisch reagieren, und bereits in kleinen Dosen