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Chapter 8 The Role of Sequential Learning in Language Evolution : Computational and Experimental Studies

  title={Chapter 8 The Role of Sequential Learning in Language Evolution : Computational and Experimental Studies},
  author={Morten H. Christiansen and Rick Dale and Michelle Renee Ellefson and Christopher M. Conway},

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Infinite languages finite minds: Connectionism learning and linguistic structure. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh UK

  • 1994

A Performance Theory of Order and Constituency

Testing EIC's performance predictions and the grammaticalisation of processing principles show clear trends in grammaticalised node construction, which bodes well for future generations of interpreters.

Mechanisms of Implicit Learning: Connectionist Models of Sequence Processing

A theoretical framework that unifies existing data and models on implicit learning, along with a detailed computational model of human performance in sequence-learning situations are introduced, showing how complex knowledge may emerge through the operation of elementary mechanisms-a key aspect of implicit learning performance.

Non-Linguistic Constraints on the Acquisition of Phrase Structure

The results suggest that adults possess powerful sta- tistical language learning mechanisms, which are likely to provide important contributions to the language learning process.

Functional explanation in linguistics and the origins of language

The Biological Model and Historical Linguistics

Bad luck with biological models has left historical linguistics with such a heritage of confusion and specious explanations as to condition linguists to reject or ignore all putative parallels

Memorization of Serial Items by Japanese Monkeys, a Chimpanzee, and Humans

The memorization of serial items was investigated with three Japanese monkeys, a chimpanzee, and six humans. The subjects were trained to touch two to four different-sized circles in an order