Chapter 8 The NW Iberian continental shelf

  title={Chapter 8 The NW Iberian continental shelf},
  author={Daniel Moyano Rey and Paula {\'A}lvarez-Iglesias and Micaele F. Ara{\'u}jo and Ana Ma Bernabeu and Menchu Comas and Maite deCastro and Mar{\'i}a Druet and Eduardo Ferreira Silva and Aguirre Ferrin and Moncho G{\'o}mez Gesteira and Valter Nuno Brito Martins and Kais Jacob Mohamed and B. Alc{\'a}ntara Rubio and Federico Vilas},
Abstract The continental shelf of NW Iberia is of particular interest due to the complex North Atlantic rifting tectonics and modern oceanographic processes that led to its current geomorphological configuration and sediment dynamics. The shelf forms a narrow slow-dipping north-bearing geomorphological structure with a well-defined shelf break located at water depths of 160–180 m. It is a continental margin with sedimentation rates of about 1.5±2.0 mm a −1 (the highest values in recent bottom… CONTINUE READING

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