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Chapter 8 Diversity and Dynamics of California Subtidal Kelp Forests

  title={Chapter 8 Diversity and Dynamics of California Subtidal Kelp Forests},
  author={Michael H. Graham and Benjamin S. Halpern and Mark H. Carr},
California kelp forest ecosystems are highly diverse and productive and are one of the most distinctive features of the California coastline. They have also served as the focus of innumerable experimental and observational studies by ecologists interested in processes structuring nearshore marine systems. Despite over 50 years of intensive field and laboratory research, however, much remains to be understood about the processes that determine their diversity and dynamics. In particular, food… 
Biomass loss reduces growth and resource translocation in giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera
  • Fox
  • Environmental Science
  • 2016
The results suggest that the translocation of carbon and nitrogen to juvenile fronds from nearsurface biomass is a critical process affecting growth in giant kelp.