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Chapter 7 wireless network Security : an overview

  title={Chapter 7 wireless network Security : an overview},
  author={Danda B. Rawat and Gongjun Yan},

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The Wireless Application Protocol : A Wiley Tech Brief

From the Publisher: Discover how to utilize the latest WAP technologies to meet your business needs With wireless services rapidly exploding worldwide, WAP is becoming the most talked about standard

Signaling system 7 (SS7) network security

This paper details several attack scenarios made possible by accepting the assumption that an SS7 signaling point may be compromised to allow insertion of message traffic.

Wireless communications

This book aims to provide a chronology of key events and individuals involved in the development of microelectronics technology over the past 50 years and some of the individuals involved have been identified and named.

Comprehensive ComTIA Security+

  • Lab Manual,
  • 2012

Wireless Security Handbook

Wireless Network Overview RF Overview Wireless Signal Propagation Signal-to-Noise Ratio Modulation Wireless Groups Risks and Threats of Wireless Goals of Information Security Analysis Spoofing Denial

Wireless security threat taxonomy

This work presents a wireless threat taxonomy that was used to build the security architecture for the wireless network at West Point and shows the different characteristics of wireless networks.

Overview of IEEE 802.16 security

The authors review the new wireless communication standard IEEE 802.16, enumerate its flaws, and outline changes that could defend it against threats.

Personal Area Network

A system in which a mobile unit that is configured to perform an access point and a wireless communication device in a first protocol, such as IEEE Standard 802.11.11, permanently connected to peripheral devices and a modified protocol communications.

ZigBee Wireless Sensor and Control Network

The only simple, concise guide to ZigBee architecture, concepts, networking, and applications, this book thoroughly explains the entire ZigBee protocol stack and covers issues ranging from routing to security.

WiMAX: Taking Wireless to the MAX

INTRODUCTION Give Me More: The Need for Broadband Going Wireless: Enabling the Revolution Broadband Goes Wireless Understanding Wireless Networks Defining Standards Wireless Network Types Key