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Chapter 5 Context Aware and Adaptive Systems

  title={Chapter 5 Context Aware and Adaptive Systems},
  author={Alan W. Colman and Mahmoud Hussein and Jun Han and Malinda Kapuruge},
Context aware software systems and adaptive software systems sense changes in their environments, and respond by changing their behaviour and/or structure appropriately. The perspective of these two approaches, however, tends to differ. Context aware systems focus on modelling and reasoning about the relevant environmental context often with aid of formal ontologies The system, however, can only respond to an anticipated change of configuration setting or a change of application mode. Adaptive… 

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An Approach to Model-Based Development of Context-Aware Adaptive Systems
A novel approach to modeling and realizing context-aware adaptive software systems that explicitly separates but relates the context model and the system model, so that their relationships, changes, and change impacts across the system and its contexts can be clearly captured and managed.
CA3M: A Runtime Model and a Middleware for Dynamic Context Management
The issues dealt with in this paper are to guide context-aware application designers in the specification of the monitoring of distributed context sources, and to allow the adaptation of context management capabilities by dynamically taking into account new context data collectors not foreseen during the development process.
Enabling Runtime Evolution of Context-Aware Adaptive Services
A novel approach to tackle the runtime evolution of context-aware adaptive services that can evolve at runtime in response to unanticipated changes in their environments or functionalities is introduced and used to develop and evolve two case studies.
Model-Centric, Context-Aware Software Adaptation
This work argues that adaptive applications must be built on an infrastructure that is not just model-driven, but is both model-centric and context-aware, and proposes a research agenda for a model-focused development environment that supports dynamic software adaptation and evolution.
A Comprehensive Context Modeling Framework for Pervasive Computing Systems
This paper presents a comprehensive and integrated approach for context modeling in pervasive computing environments and combines the advantages of existing approaches and addresses the need for supporting effective software development.
A survey on context-aware systems
Common architecture principles of context-aware systems are presented and a layered conceptual design framework is derived to explain the different elements common to mostcontext-aware architectures.
A Context-Aware Access Control Framework for Software Services
A new semantic policy framework is proposed that extends the basic role-based access control (RBAC) approach with both dynamic associations of user-role and role-service capabilities and introduces a context model in modelling the basic and high-level context information relevant to access control.
Taming Dynamically Adaptive Systems using models and aspects
This paper presents how an AOM approach can be used to tame the combinatorial explosion of DAS modes by derive a wide range of modes by weaving aspects into an explicit model reflecting the runtime system.