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Chapter 31 Multilevel Power Converters

  title={Chapter 31 Multilevel Power Converters},
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Numerous industrial applications have begun to require higher power apparatus in recent years. Some medium voltage motor drives and utility applications require medium voltage and megawatt power level. For a medium voltage grid, it is troublesome to connect only one power semiconductor switch directly. As a result, a multilevel power converter structure has been introduced as an alternative in high power and medium voltage situations. A multilevel converter not only achieves high power ratings… Expand
A Single Source Based Asymmetric Multilevel Converter
A non-conventional multilevel flying-capacitor converter topology
Universal precharging method for dc-link and flying capacitors of four-level Flying Capacitor Converter
A multilevel converter charger utilizing superimposed pulse frequency method for prolonging lead-acid battery lifetime
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On the problem of balancing the DC capacitor voltage divider in back-to-back multilevel converters
Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter for Electric Vehicle Speed Control
A seal lead-acid battery charger for prolonging battery lifetime using superimposed pulse frequency technique


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