Chapter 2 - Thucydides and the bellicose beginnings of modern political theory

  title={Chapter 2 - Thucydides and the bellicose beginnings of modern political theory},
  author={K. Hoekstra},
  • K. Hoekstra
  • Published 2012
  • History, Philosophy, Political Science
Author(s): Hoekstra, K | Abstract: © Cambridge University Press 2012. It is March 1554. England – and England's place in the world – is on a knife's edge. In January, it had been announced that the new queen, Mary, would marry Philip (soon to become Philip II, King of Spain), son of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V. This move would bring together several of the most important European dynasties, but many in England are gripped by the anxiety that they will become subject to imperial Spain… Expand
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