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Chapter 12 Discourse and Racism

  title={Chapter 12 Discourse and Racism},
  author={Teun Adrianus van Dijk},
For most people, and probably also for many readers of this chapter, the notion of racism is not primarily associated with that of discourse. More obvious associations would be discrimination, prejudice, slavery, or apartheid, among many other concepts related to ethnic or "racial" domination and inequality dealt with elsewhere in this book. And yet, although discourse may seem just "words" (and therefore cannot break your bones, as do sticks and stones), text and talk play a vital role in the… 
Twenty-four hours in the alt-right media ecosystem: analyzing race, space, and labor in Breitbart’s coverage of the Mollie Tibbetts murder
ABSTRACT This article examines media coverage of the murder by a Mexican farmworker of Mollie Tibbetts, a white college student, in the digital alt-right publication Breitbart as a case study


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