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Chapter 11 The Biointelligence Explosion How Recursively Self-Improving Organic Robots will Modify their Own Source Code and Bootstrap Our Way to Full-Spectrum

  title={Chapter 11 The Biointelligence Explosion How Recursively Self-Improving Organic Robots will Modify their Own Source Code and Bootstrap Our Way to Full-Spectrum},
  author={Superintelligence and David Pearce},
This essay explores how recursively self-improving organic robots will modify their own genetic source code and bootstrap our way to full-spectrum superintelligence. Starting with individual genes, then clusters of genes, and eventually hundreds of genes and alternative splice variants, tomorrow’s biohackers will exploit ‘‘narrow’’ AI to debug human source code in a positive feedback loop of mutual enhancement. Genetically enriched humans can potentially abolish aging and disease; recalibrate… Expand


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