Chapter 1 RICH Detector

  title={Chapter 1 RICH Detector},
  author={T. A. Rich}
The Hall A RICH (F. Garibaldi et al., NIM A 502 (2003) 117) has proximity focusing optics (as shown schematically in fig 1.1). The Cherenkov photons are 'naturally' focused on the photo-detection plane due to the small ratio between the radiator thickness (15 mm) and the drift region (>100 mm). The RICH consists of a gas tight box ∼ 2.2 × .5 × .23 m 3 composed of a sandwich of 6 aluminum frames, a honeycomb cap and 3 pad planes. The honeycomb cap supports the fragile radiator vessel (1.8 × .32… CONTINUE READING