Chaotic Root-finding for a Small Class of Polynomials

  title={Chaotic Root-finding for a Small Class of Polynomials},
  author={Max Little and Daniel Heesch †},
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In this paper we present a new closed-form solution to a chaotic difference equation, with coefficient and using this solution, show how corresponding exact roots to a special set of related polynomials of order 2 p , with two independent parameters can be generated, for any p. 
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f(z) = z2 _ A evaluated at the point z = zo should remain bounded as n tends to oo. We have only to mention the book [14] by Mandelbrot which has rendered this subject accessible to a much wider
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F uther repruction, or ny coying of m acineredable fles (inluding his one) to ny srver om pter, is sictly proibited.
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