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Chaotic Bloch oscillations in driven-dissipative systems

  title={Chaotic Bloch oscillations in driven-dissipative systems},
  author={Alexey Verbitskiy and A. V. Yulin},
It is shown that the efficiency of the excitation of Bloch oscillations depends not only on the carrier frequency, but also on the frequency of the amplitude oscillations of the driving force. In the nonlinear regime a period doubling bifurcation occurs and the chain of these bifurcations results in chaotic Bloch oscillations of the wave envelope bouncing in the system. 



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It is shown that by properly designing the spatial dependence of the scattering length it is possible to induce long-living Bloch oscillations of gap-soliton matter waves in optical lattices when the effective nonlinearity and the effective mass of the soliton have opposite signs for all values of the crystal momentum in the Brillouin zone.

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