author={Joseph Rogers},
  journal={British Medical Journal},
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  • J. Rogers
  • Published 26 August 1876
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  • British Medical Journal
or "What a lie", or "How could I have said so"? or demanded at once that she should be sent for. Yet, he never on one single occasion, before others, spoke to Mrs. Cox on the subject. The only reasonable answer to this criticism is that he did not understand that Mrs. Cox had accused him of taking poison wilfully ; and I do not see that any of the medical men put it categorically before him that she had done so. After carefully reading all the evidence on the subject of Mrs. Cox informing the… 
When people do bad things: Evil, suffering, and dependent origination.
Our world is filled with stories of horrendous crimes and criminals— of rapists and killers, sex traffickers, terrorists, genocidal dictators, sadists, and psychopaths. When faced with such people
Despite several prominent recent botched executions, states usually resist external pressure to improve their lethal injection procedures. This symposium contribution explores why states fail to
Review of Other Socialist Proposals
  • Economics
We have in the past tended to avoid expressing criticisms of other socialist writers, prefering instead to concentrate our critical faculties on prominent conservative economists. For the French
Mind/Brain Science: Neuroscience on Philosophy of Mind
With the advent of behaviorism it became fashionable to claim that neuroscience is irrelevant to cognitive science, and since the introduction of the computer, philosophers of a functionalist
Using "Chaos" in Articulating the Relationship of God and Creation in God's Creative Activity
USING “CHAOS” IN ARTICULATING THE RELATIONSHIP OF GOD AND CREATION IN GOD’S CREATIVE ACTIVITY Eric M. Vail, B.A., M.Div. Marquette University, 2009 Out of dialogue with Old Testament studies and the
Positive uncertainty: A new decision-making framework for counseling.
Over 25 years ago the Journal of Counseling Psychology published an article of mine entitled "Decision Making: A Conceptual Frame of Reference for Counseling" (Gelatt, 1962). In the article I
‘Reporting without fear, or favour’: HMI 2000-2010, and oral history
This thesis contends that the methodological approaches taken in exploring education inspections in the last twenty years are largely unhistorical and result in a particular view that contrasts
Evidence for the Deterministic or the Indeterministic Description? A Critique of the Literature About Classical Dynamical Systems
It can be shown that certain kinds of classical deterministic and indeterministic descriptions are observationally equivalent. Then the question arises: which description is preferable relative to
What Is Spirituality? Memetics, Quantum Mechanics, and the Spiral of Spirituality
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Most discussion on science and religion tends to focus on creation and evolution, at least this has been the dominant theme in the media of late. Yet the subject
Exploring the Preconditions for a Developmental Science: Hegelian Metaphysics and Dialectics
In this article, we explore the metaphysics of Hegelian dialectics and its implications for a developmental science. More specifically, we investigate how Hegel initiated the move from classical


The Homogeneous Chaos
Assessment of intrusive and non-intrusive non-deterministic CFD methodologies based on polynomial chaos expansions
The paper presents the computational results of an ongoing validation effort of two polynomial chaos methods used in the non-deterministic simulations of the transonic flow in the NASA Rotor 37 axial
Stochastic Finite Elements: A Spectral Approach
Representation of stochastic processes stochastic finite element method - response representation stochastic finite element method - response statistics numerical examples.
Uncertainty Analysis of Computational Fluid Dynamics Via Polynomial Chaos
The main limitations in performing uncertainty analysis of CFD models using conventional methods are associated with cost and effort. For these reasons, there is a need for the development and
The Wiener-Askey Polynomial Chaos for Stochastic Differential Equations
This work represents the stochastic processes with an optimum trial basis from the Askey family of orthogonal polynomials that reduces the dimensionality of the system and leads to exponential convergence of the error.
Numerical Methods for Differential Equations in Random Domains
This paper proposes a novel computational framework, which is based on using stochastic mappings to transform the original deterministic/stochastic problem in a random domain into a Stochastic Problem in a deterministic domain, and applies it to an elliptic problem in single- and double-connected random domains.
Uncertainty Propagation in the Solution of Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations using Polynomial Chaos Decomposition
  • CD Rom Proc. Of NATO AVT symposium Athens,
  • 2007
Towards Stochastic Fluid Mechanics via Polynomial Choas AIAA-Paper 2003-0413, 41st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit
  • Towards Stochastic Fluid Mechanics via Polynomial Choas AIAA-Paper 2003-0413, 41st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit
  • 2003
Towards Stochastic Fluid Mechanics via Polynomial Choas
  • AIAA - Paper
  • 2003