Chaos, fractals and thermodynamics

  title={Chaos, fractals and thermodynamics},
  author={Pierre Gaspard},
Since Newton, the temporal evolution of natural systems has been described by mathematical laws expressed in terms of differential equations. The equations uniquely determine the system state at time t+ dt as a function of its previous state at time t. The state of the system is defined by a set of coordinatesX taking their values in the so-called phase space [1]. These coordinates are for instance the positions and velocities of the particles of a mechanical system. A typical differential… Expand
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Astrovirology, Astrobiology, Artificial Intelligence: Extra-Solar System Investigations
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This chapter attempts to encompass and tackle a large problem in Astrovirology and Astrobiology: coming to an understanding of the plurality of extraterrestrial intelligence is an optimal objective, in order to avoid causing harm on exoplanets, as well as avoiding conflict and possible human devastation. Expand


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