Chaos, Strange Attractors, and Fractal Basin Boundaries in Nonlinear Dynamics

  title={Chaos, Strange Attractors, and Fractal Basin Boundaries in Nonlinear Dynamics},
  author={Celso Grebogi and Edward Ott and James A. Yorke},
  pages={632 - 638}
Recently research has shown that many simple nonlinear deterministic systems can behave in an apparently unpredictable and chaotic manner. This realization has broad implications for many fields of science. Basic developments in the field of chaotic dynamics of dissipative systems are reviewed in this article. Topics covered include strange attractors, how chaos comes about with variation of a system parameter, universality, fractal basin boundaries and their effect on predictability, and… 
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Many remarkable properties related to chaos have been found in the dynamics of nonlinear physical systems. These properties are often seen in detailed computer studies, but it is almost always
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Noise and chaos in a fractal basin boundary regime of a Josephson junction.
It is shown that if enough noise is present to push the orbits into the basin boundary, behavior similar to intrinsic chaos results.
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The system of equations introduced by Lorenz to model turbulent convective flow is studied here for Rayleigh numbersr somewhat smaller than the critical value required for sustained chaotic behavior.
Fractal basin boundaries and homoclinic orbits for periodic motion in a two-well potential.
  • Moon, Li
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
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A fractal-looking basin boundary for forced periodic motions of a particle in a two-well potential is observed in numerical simulation and raises questions about predictability in nonchaotic dynamics of nonlinear systems.
Metamorphoses of basin boundaries in nonlinear dynamical systems.
A basin boundary can undergo sudden changes in its character as a system parameter passes through certain critical values. In particular, basin boundaries can suddenly jump in position and can change
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This is an interpretive review of first-order difference equations, which can exhibit a surprising array of dynamical behaviour, from stable points, to a bifurcating hierarchy of stable cycles, to apparently random fluctuations.