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Channeled sampling in shift invariant spaces = 이동 불변 공간에서의 채널 샘플링

  title={Channeled sampling in shift invariant spaces = 이동 불변 공간에서의 채널 샘플링},
  author={Sin-Uk Kang and 강신욱},
Asymmetric Multi-channel Sampling in a Series of Shift Invariant Spaces
We show asymmetric multi-channel sampling on a series of a shift invariant spaces ∑ with a series of Riesz generators ∑ in , where each channeled signal is assigned a uniform but distinct samplingExpand
Sampling Expansion with Symmetric Multi-Channel Sampling in a series of Shift-Invariant Spaces
We find necessary and sufficient conditions under which a regular shifted sampling expansion hold on V (φ(td)) m d=1 and obtain truncation error estimates of the sampling series. We also find aExpand
Two-channel sampling in wavelet subspaces
Abstract We develop two-channel sampling theory in the wavelet subspace V1 from the multi resolution analysis {Vj}j∈𝕫. Extending earlier results by G. G. Walter [11], W. Chen and S. Itoh [2] and Y.Expand
Band-Limited Scaling Functions with Oversampling Property
We give characterizations of stable scaling functions with compact band regions, which have the oversampling property.
Multi-Channel Sampling on Shift-Invariant Spaces with Frame Generators
The main aim in this paper is to derive a multi-channel sampling theory for the shift-invariant space V(φ) by using a type of Fourier duality between the spaces V( φ) and L2[0, 2π]. Expand
Generalized sampling in L2(Rd) shift-invariant subspaces with multiple stable generators
In order to avoid most of the problems associated with classical Shannon’s sampling theory, nowadays signals are assumed to belong to some shift-invariant subspace. In this work we consider a generalExpand