Channel-quality dependent earliest deadline due fair scheduling schemes for wireless multimedia networks


Providing delay guarantees to time-sensitive traffic in wireless multimedia networks is a challenging issue. This is due to the time-varying link capacities and the variety of real-time applications expected to be handled by such networks. We propose and evaluate the performance of two channel-aware scheduling schemes that are capable of providing such delay guarantees in wireless networks. In the first proposed scheme, the Channel-Dependent Earliest-Due-Date (CD-EDD) discipline, the expiration time of the head of line packets of users' queues is taken into consideration in conjunction with the current channel states of users in the scheduling decision. This policy attempts to guarantee the targeted delay bounds in addition to exploiting multiuser diversity to make best utilization of the variable capacity of the channel. In the second scheme we attempt to ensure that the number of packets dropped due to deadline violation is fairly disturbed among users. This provides fairness in the quality of service (QoS) delivered to different users. A unique feature of our work is explicit provisioning of statistical QoS as well as ensuring fairness in data rates, delay bound, and delay bound violation. We provide extensive simulation results to show the different performance aspects of the proposed schemes.

DOI: 10.1145/1023663.1023672

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