Changing hemodialysis thresholds for optimal survival.

  title={Changing hemodialysis thresholds for optimal survival.},
  author={Lynda A. Szczech and Edmund G Lowrie and Zhensheng Li and Nancy L Lew and J Michael Lazarus and William F. Owen},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={59 2},
BACKGROUND The urea reduction ratio (URR), a measure quantitating solute removal during hemodialysis, is the fractional reduction of the blood urea concentration during a single hemodialysis treatment. The URR is the principal measure of hemodialysis dose in the United States. Based on studies of patients dialyzed prior to 1994, a minimum URR value of 65% was recommended to optimize survival. Because of new hemodialysis technologies and evolving demographics of the hemodialysis population, the… CONTINUE READING

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