Changing dynamics of software engineering and mysterious human passion


World of Software development is facing stormy demands and volatile markets along with change in existing and adoption of new technologies, including open source. This requires extensive changes in the way software professionals work and to survive onslaught of these changing dynamics, Human Passion becomes a determinant. In this paper I have included my observations which were gained over the period of my extensive experience in IT industry. By questioning, interviewing and noticing people behavior what I have gathered is that passion plays an indispensable and critical part in driving masses to adjust and adapt to changing environments; and then successfully achieve the objectives of creation of software systems. Passionate developers are proven to be better placed as compared to their non-passionate counter parts and this understanding is not only restricted to developers but also includes project managers, product owners, architects, quality managers, testers, support personnel and all those who are associated with the software.

DOI: 10.1145/2593702.2593723

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