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Changing Patterns of Social and Ethnic Residential Segregation in Budapest

  title={Changing Patterns of Social and Ethnic Residential Segregation in Budapest},
  author={J. Lad{\'a}nyi},
The main findings of this article are results of my research on residential segregation over the last three decades. Before discussing developments of recent years, I sum up my earlier findings on social, ethnic and residential segregation in Budapest. Despite all difficulties of historical comparison, the basic tendency is clear. Residential segregation slightly increased in Budapest between 1930 and 1939. After this it decreased, probably due to the great social changes of the second half of… Expand
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Az ismeretlen f ő szerepl ő ( The unknown protagonist ) , Szépirodalmi Kiadó , Budapest Szelényi , 1972 : “ Lakásrendszer és társadalmi struktúra ” ( Housing system and social structure )
  • 1991