[Changes the sexual quality of life of the obeses submitted Fobi-Capella gastroplasty surgery].


OBJECTIVES Examine changes in the quality of sexual life of men with morbid obesity offered by a reduction in body weight following Fobi-Capella gastroplasty. METHOD A quantitative, prospective, longitudinal, cross-sectional study was carried out on 21 men with morbid obesity between March 2005 and March 2007. Inclusion criteria were: aged 20 to 50 years, body mass index (BMI) = 40 kg/m(2) and failure in attempts of clinical treatment for obesity in the previous two years. Data collection from clinical records and the administering of a specific questionnaire on issues relating to sexual function was performed prior to and six months following surgery. Scores were analyzed with the help of the Epi-Info 6 program, using the Student's t-test for paired samples. RESULTS The total score increased at the six-month post operative in 76.19%; remained unaltered in 14.29%; and decreased in 9.52%. Scores in areas related to erectile function and sexual relations increased in 71.42%; sexual desire increased in 52.38%; and orgasms increased in 28.57%. General sexual satisfaction increased in 57.14%. The average total score and scores on the domains of the questionnaire prior to and six months following surgery revealed statistically significant differences, except those relating to sexual desire and orgasm. CONCLUSION The quality of sexual life in morbid obese men improves following Fobi-Capella surgery. Favorable changes occurred in sexual function after these individuals underwent this type of bariatric surgery.

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