Changes of carp FoF1-ATPase in association with temperature acclimation.

  title={Changes of carp FoF1-ATPase in association with temperature acclimation.},
  author={Shiro Itoi and Shigeharu Kinoshita and Kiyoshi Kikuchi and Shugo Watabe},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology},
  volume={284 1},
Previously we have shown, using two-dimensional electrophoresis, that mitochondrial ATP synthase (F(o)F(1)-ATPase) beta-subunit is the 55-kDa protein increased in cold-acclimated carp Cyprinus carpio (Kikuchi K, Itoi S, and Watabe S. Fisheries Sci 65: 629-636, 1999). To clarify the coordinate expression in various subunits of carp F(o)F(1)-ATPase with temperature acclimation, we examined the differences in mRNA levels of mitochondrial proteins encoded by both nuclear and mitochondrial genes in… CONTINUE READING