Changes of bone turnover markers after marathon running over 245 km.

  title={Changes of bone turnover markers after marathon running over 245 km.},
  author={George Mouzopoulos and Michael K. Stamatakos and Mathaios Tzurbakis and Anastasia Tsembeli and Christina P Manti and Michael C. Safioleas and Panagiotis N. Skandalakis},
  journal={International journal of sports medicine},
  volume={28 7},
We evaluated bone turn over markers, cortisol and parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels in male athletes after 245 km of marathon running. Sixteen athletes were studied five days before, immediately after, and 1, 3, and 5 days after the run. We used T-test and Pearson correlation for statistical analysis. Osteocalcin levels were significantly decreased from 4.6 microg/lit to 3.8 microg/lit (p < 0.05). Activity of b-ALP was significantly decreased from 66 U/lit to 61.5 U/lit (p < 0.05). PICP levels… CONTINUE READING
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