Changes in the salinity of the Euphrates River system in Iraq

  title={Changes in the salinity of the Euphrates River system in Iraq},
  author={Khayyun Amtair Rahi and Todd Halihan},
  journal={Regional Environmental Change},
  • K. Rahi, T. Halihan
  • Published 1 March 2010
  • Environmental Science
  • Regional Environmental Change
The water salinity of the Euphrates River as it enters Iraq, expressed as total dissolved solids (TDS), has more than doubled compared to that of 1973. Downstream of Al Hindia Barrage, south of Baghdad, the salinity has increased gradually over the last 30 years. The annual average TDS at Al Nassiriah, in the lower reaches of the Euphrates, has increased from 1,080 ppm in 1979 to more than 4,500 ppm in 2001. Water quality of the Euphrates within Iraq has deteriorated due to the decreased flow… Expand

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