Changes in the respiratory quinone profile of a soil treated with pesticides

  title={Changes in the respiratory quinone profile of a soil treated with pesticides},
  author={Arata Katayama and Keiko Funasaka and Koichi Fujie},
  journal={Biology and Fertility of Soils},
The effects of the pesticides fenitrothion, chlorothalonil, chloropicrin, linuron, and simazine on the structure of microbial communities in a Nagoya University Farm soil (Typic Palehumult) were assessed for 28 days by monitoring changes in respiratory quinone profiles. Pesticides were applied to the soil at 10 times the recommended rates. Fenitrothion, linuron, and simazine did not significantly affect the total amount of quinones (an indicator of microbial biomass), the diversity of the… CONTINUE READING
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