Changes in the global value of ecosystem services

  title={Changes in the global value of ecosystem services},
  author={Robert Costanza and Rudolf de Groot and Paul C. Sutton and Sander van der Ploeg and Sharolyn J. Anderson and Ida Kubiszewski and Stephen B. Farber and R. Kerry Turner},
  journal={Global Environmental Change-human and Policy Dimensions},

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We estimated the current value of ecosystem services for terrestrial ecosystems in 47 countries in the Asia and the Pacific region. Currently, these provide $US14 trillion/yr. in benefits, most of

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ABSTRACT Currently, a national TEEB study is being conducted in Germany. However, it lacks an overall estimation of ecosystem service value (ESV) at the national level. In this paper, we estimate the

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Although changes in ecosystems in response to climate and land-use change are known to have implications for the provision of different environmental and ecosystem services, quantifying the economic

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The Taihu Lake Basin, an east-coastal developed area, is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in China. Ecosystem services in the Taihu Lake Basin have been overexploited and jeopardized.



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The net present value of New Jersey’s natural environment is calculated utilizing three different methods of discounting and provides a useful, albeit imperfect, basis for assessing the value of ecosystem services and natural capital, and their comparison with thevalue of conventional human and built capitals.

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It is shown that, although decisions that focus solely on agriculture reduce overall ecosystem service values, highly significant value increases can be obtained from targeted planning by incorporating all potential services and their values and that this approach also conserves wild-species diversity.

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Since the publication of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment’s outcomes in 2005 (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2005), there has been rapid growth in the science and policy of valuing ecosystem

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Coastal wetlands function as valuable, selfmaintaining “horizontal levees” for storm protection, and also provide a host of other ecosystem services that vertical levees do not, which is an extremely cost-effective strategy for society.