Changes in the Intensity of Respiration during Ontogenesis of Some Invertebrates

  title={Changes in the Intensity of Respiration during Ontogenesis of Some Invertebrates},
  author={L. I. Radzinskaya and I. S. Nikol'skaya and Tatyana A. Alekseeva and Irina G Vladimirova and P. I. Kovalenko and Nikolay D Ozernyuk},
  journal={Russian Journal of Developmental Biology},
We studied the dynamic of respiration intensity during ontogenesis of flat worms (Dugesia tigrina), molluscs (Anodonta piscinalis and Viviparus viviparus, and insects (Leptinotarsa decemlineata). In planarians that reproduce vegetatively, the intensity of respiration increases just after fission and decreases at the subsequent phases of growth. In A. piscinalis, this index of metabolism increases during embryonic and early larval development and decreases at the later developmental stages. In V… CONTINUE READING


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