Changes in soluble sugar and antioxidant enzymes in peanut seeds during ultra dry storage and after accelerated aging

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Heteromorphic seeds of wheat wild relatives show germination niche differentiation.
Different trait trade-offs in dimorphic seeds of Aegilops and Triticum urartu are affecting their germination phenology and longevity, thereby resulting in recruitment niche differentiation. Expand
The Effect of Storage Condition and Duration on the Deterioration of Primed Rice Seeds
Investigation of the effect of temperature, relative air humidity, and oxygen on the longevity of primed rice seeds in a range of 60 days storage concluded that storage of primed seeds under high RH condition beyond 15 days is deteriorative for germination and growth of rice. Expand
Dry seeds and environmental extremes: consequences for seed lifespan and germination.
Although it is clear that seeds from particular plant species and families can tolerate exposures to ultra-drying, high temperatures or UV radiation with minimal consequences for subsequent germination ability, further research is needed to elucidate many of the mechanisms underlying extreme tolerance of these environmental conditions found on Earth or in space. Expand
Alternating temperature and accelerated aging in mobilization of reserves during germination of Carica papaya L. seeds
Mobilization of lipids in papaya seeds is not influenced by accelerated aging, but the seeds subjected to aging have lower protein content in phase III, and greater germination was observed under alternating temperature. Expand
Effect of water content and temperature on seed longevity of seven Brassicaceae species after 5 years of storage.
A variable seed longevity response to water content among taxonomically related species was found and predictions of survival under desiccated conditions based on results obtained at high humidity might be problematic for some species. Expand
Caractérisation écophysiologique de différents génotypes de medicago truncatula au cours des phases de germination et de croissance hétérotrophe
L'ensemble of ces resultats oriente le choix de populations de lignees recombinantes (LR) issues des parents aux comportements contrastes sur des variables ou parametres pertinents, pour aborder l'analyse du determinisme genetique de caracteres presentant une importante variabilite intra-specifique. Expand