[Changes in several plasma and urinary components in marathon runners].


33 blood and urinary components were titrated in 11 men 5 days before a marathon race (42 km), just before the start of the race, 1/4 hour after the arrival, the following day and 5 days after the race. On arrival, or/and the following day, even still 5 days later, we observed an increase of: natremia, kaliemia, blood proteins, hematocrit, aldosteronemia, plasma renin activity, uricemia, creatininemia, blood cortisol, myoglobinemia, blood lactic acid, total enzymatic CK activity, enzymatic ASAT activity, urinary elimination of creatinin, urea and 3 methylhistidine. On the contrary, a decrease of plasma total CO2 and blood testosterone levels were observed. These biochemical modifications are the consequence of hydro-mineral losses, muscular necroses, alteration of energetic metabolism with increase of the protein catabolism.

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