Changes in red wine soluble polysaccharide composition induced by malolactic fermentation.

  title={Changes in red wine soluble polysaccharide composition induced by malolactic fermentation.},
  author={Marguerite Dols-Lafargue and Emmanuel Gindreau and Claire le Marrec and G{\'e}rard Chambat and Alain Heyraud and Aline Lonvaud-Funel},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={55 23},
The polysaccharide content of wine is generally assumed to originate from grapes and yeasts, independent of bacterial metabolism, except for the action of certain spoilage species. This study shows that malolactic fermentation (MLF) significantly modifies the soluble polysaccharide (SP) concentration of various red Bordeaux wines. Wines with the highest initial SP concentration go on to present decreased SP concentration, whereas those with the lowest initial SP concentration rather go on to… CONTINUE READING
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