Changes in quality of life after medical intensive care

  title={Changes in quality of life after medical intensive care},
  author={Markus Wehler and Peter Martus and Armin Geise and Alexandra Bost and Andreas Mueller and Eckhart Georg Hahn and Richard Strauss},
  journal={Intensive Care Medicine},
Objectives: To determine outcome and changes in health-related quality of life (QOL) in medical intensive care patients. Design and setting: Prospective comparison of QOL before and 6 months after intensive care unit (ICU) admission in a 12-bed noncoronary medical ICU of a university hospital. Patients: All 325 consecutively admitted adult patients who spent at least 24 h on the ICU were eligible. Measurements and results: QOL measurements were collected before and 6 months after ICU admission… CONTINUE READING

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