Changes in neuropsychological functioning during alcohol detoxification.

  title={Changes in neuropsychological functioning during alcohol detoxification.},
  author={Victoria Manning and Shamil Wanigaratne and David Best and R. R. Hill and Laurence J. Reed and David Z. Ball and Jane Marshall and Michael Gossop and John Strang},
  journal={European addiction research},
  volume={14 4},
This study investigates changes in neuropsychological functioning during early abstinence from alcohol. 30 alcohol-dependent inpatients were tested at intake (day 4 of admission) and post detoxification (day 26), using a test-retest design. The neuropsychological battery included measures of pre-morbid IQ, full-scale IQ, verbal and non-verbal measures of memory and executive function. IQ was within the normal range at intake and comparable with age-adjusted normative values and there were some… CONTINUE READING

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