Changes in muscle morphology in chronic trapezius myalgia.

  title={Changes in muscle morphology in chronic trapezius myalgia.},
  author={Rolf Lindman and Mats Hagberg and K A Angqvist and Karin S{\"o}derlund and Eric Hultman and L-E. Thornell},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health},
  volume={17 5},
Muscle biopsies of the descending portion of the trapezius muscle from female patients with chronic trapezius myalgia and from healthy women were analyzed with enzyme histochemical and immunohistochemical methods. Frequency, area, and capillarization of the muscle fiber types were determined. A biochemical analysis determined the lactate concentration of mixed muscle samples and the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine levels in single muscle fibers. The patients had larger type I… CONTINUE READING