Changes in milk fat phospholipids during lactation.

  title={Changes in milk fat phospholipids during lactation.},
  author={Joel Bitman and Douglas L Wood},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={73 5},
Changes in lipid composition were studied in milk obtained on postpartum d 3 (colostrum), 7, 42, and 180 from 12 Holstein cows. Triglycerides, 96 to 97% of total lipids, were relatively constant during lactation. Phospholipids and cholesterol declined with advancing lactation. Concentrations of the fatty acids synthesized within the mammary gland, C10:0 to C16:0, increased about 50% from 7 to 42 d of lactation. During this period, compensatory decreases were observed in C18:1. The phospholipids… CONTINUE READING
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