Changes in hepatic iodothyronine metabolism during ontogeny of the chick embryo.

  title={Changes in hepatic iodothyronine metabolism during ontogeny of the chick embryo.},
  author={Marietta Borges and J LaBourene and Sidney H Ingbar},
  volume={107 6},
As a model of the changes in peripheral iodothyronine metabolism that occur during ontogeny, we have studied the metabolism of 125I-labeled T4 and several of its partially deiodinated derivatives by the liver of the chick embryo. Homogenates of livers obtained from chicks varying in embryonic age from 8 days to the time of hatching (20-21 days) were incubated with various iodothyronines, all labeled with 125I in their outer or phenolic ring. Rates and products of the reactions were analyzed by… CONTINUE READING


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