Changes in fisheries discard rates and seabird communities

  title={Changes in fisheries discard rates and seabird communities},
  author={Stephen C Votier and Robert W. Furness and Stuart Bearhop and Jonathan E. Crane and R. W. G. Caldow and Paulo Catry and Kenny Ensor and Keith C Hamer and Anne V. Hudson and Ellen Kalmbach and Nicholas I. Klomp and Simone Pfeiffer and Richard A. Phillips and Isabel M. Prieto and David Robert Martin Thompson},
It is clear that discards from commercial fisheries are a key food resource for many seabird species around the world. But predicting the response of seabird communities to changes in discard rates is problematic and requires historical data to elucidate the confounding effects of other, more ‘natural’ ecological processes. In the North Sea, declining stocks, changes in technical measures, changes in population structure and the establishment of a recovery programme for cod (Gadus morhua) will… CONTINUE READING
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