Changes in clinicopathological findings after portal vein embolization.

  title={Changes in clinicopathological findings after portal vein embolization.},
  author={Yoshiro Fujii and Hiroshi Shimada and Itaru Endo and Masako Kamiyama and Nobuyuki Kamimukai and Kuniya Tanaka and Chikara Kunisaki and Hitoshi Sekido and Shinji Togo and Yohji Nagashima},
  volume={47 36},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Portal vein embolization is becoming more common as a method of preventing hepatic failure after an extended hepatectomy but its mechanism is not well understood. This clinicopathological study focused on its mechanism. METHODOLOGY Thirty patients who underwent extended hepatectomy after portal vein embolization were evaluated. Liver volume was measured before and after portal vein embolization, and histological studies were performed to examine morphological changes… CONTINUE READING

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