Changes in brain gene expression after long-term sleep deprivation.

  title={Changes in brain gene expression after long-term sleep deprivation.},
  author={Chiara Cirelli and Ugo Faraguna and Giulio Tononi},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={98 5},
Long-term sleep deprivation in rats produces dramatic physiological changes including increase in energy expenditure, decrease in body weight, and death after 2-3 weeks. Despite several studies, the sleep deprivation syndrome remains largely unexplained. Here, to elucidate how prolonged sleep loss affects brain cells we used microarrays and screened the expression of > 26 000 transcripts in the cerebral cortex. Rats were sleep deprived using the disk-over-water method for 1 week. Seventy-five… CONTINUE READING
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