Changes in binding of JH-III in hemolymph of adult femaleLocusta migratoria


Hemolymph from adult femaleLocusta migratoria migratorioides was analyzed for binding of juvenile hormone III (JH-III) after allatectomy and transection of thenervus corporis allati 1 (NCA-I). These operations did not affect the apparent dissociation constant of the binding (Kd=3.3 10−8 M). The concentration of binding sites exhibited fluctuations in relation to age and type of operation: an increased concentration of binding sites in females with disconnected corpora allata and a decreased concentration in allatectomized females. The changes in concentration of binding sites was not due to differences in water content or hemolymph volume in operated animals. The hemolymph protein concentration was reduced after NCA-I transection and even more after allatectomy. However, variations in protein concentration did not correlate with changes in concentration of JH-III binding sites. The changes in binding site concentration were related to changes in JH-titer.

DOI: 10.1007/BF01945564

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