Changes in anal canal sensation after childbirth.

  title={Changes in anal canal sensation after childbirth.},
  author={H Cornes and David C. C. Bartolo and Gordon M. Stirrat},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={78 1},
Obstetic trauma predisposes to faecal incontinence. Anal canal sensation is impaired in incontinent patients. To assess the effect of childbirth on anal canal sensation anal mucosal electrosensitivity was measured in 122 primiparous patients in the immediate postnatal period and in 74 at 6 months postpartum. There were 35 normal vaginal deliveries, 36 forceps deliveries, 20 ventouse extractions, ten vaginal breech deliveries and 21 caesarean sections. Sensation was impaired in the lower, mid… CONTINUE READING