Changes in Plasma Serotonin Concentration and Acceleration Plethysmograms in Patients with Raynaud's Phenomenon after Long‐term Treatment with a 5‐HT2 Receptor Antagonist

  title={Changes in Plasma Serotonin Concentration and Acceleration Plethysmograms in Patients with Raynaud's Phenomenon after Long‐term Treatment with a 5‐HT2 Receptor Antagonist},
  author={Masaru Igarashi and Tomoki Okuda and Tsunao Oh‐i and Michiyuki Koga},
  journal={The Journal of Dermatology},
High blood serotonin concentrations have been reported in patients with Raynaud's phenomenon and a relationship has been suggested. Because of the difficulty in evaluating Raynaud's phenomenon objectively, a possible correlation between blood serotonin concentrations and clinical findings has not yet been evaluated. We measured plasma serotonin concentrations and acceleration plethysmograms (APG) before and one year after administration of a serotonin receptor antagonist. Twenty‐seven patients… 
Persistent insulin-sensitizing effects of sarpogrelate hydrochloride, a serotonin 2A receptor antagonist, in patients with peripheral arterial disease.
Sarpogrelate has a persistent insulin-sensitizing effect through adiponectin modification and might be beneficial for anti-atherosclerotic therapy, at least, in non-diabetic and non-medicated diabetic patients with PAD.
Effects of sarpogrelate hydrochloride on skin ulcers and quality of life in patients with systemic sclerosis
Sarpogrelate was considered to be a useful drug to improve skin ulcers and quality of life (QOL) in patients with SSc and scores of symptoms and emotions but not of functioning were significantly improved after sarpog Relate intake.
Sarpogrelate hydrochloride, a serotonin 5HT2A receptor antagonist, ameliorates the development of chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertension in rats
The administration of SPG ameliorated the development of chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension and hypertensive pulmonary vascular changes.
Current treatment options in Raynaud’s phenomenon
Novel therapeutic tools interfering either with primary or secondary pathogenetic processes (ie, endothelial and peripheral nervous system dysfunction and smooth muscle cell hypertrophy) are awaited.
Sarpogrelate dilates cerebral arteries in the absence of exogenous serotonin.
Findings suggest that in rabbit cerebral arteries, sarpogrelate has direct vasodilator effects on vascular smooth muscle.
Therapeutic potentials of sarpogrelate in cardiovascular disease.
Sarpogrelate, a specific 5-HT2A receptor antagonist, has been found to have beneficial effects in peripheral vascular disease, restenosis after coronary stenting, pulmonary hypertension, acute and chronic myocardial infarction.
The effects of the 5-HT2A receptor antagonist sarpogrelate hydrochloride on chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertension in rats
Administration of SPG ameliorated the development of CH-PH by stimulating apoptosis in and inhibiting proliferation of PASMCs.
Sarpogrelate: cardiovascular and renal clinical potential
  • S. Doggrell
  • Medicine, Biology
    Expert opinion on investigational drugs
  • 2004
Small clinical trials indicate that sarpogrelate may be beneficial in the treatment of coronary artery disease, angina, restenosis, heart valve prostheses surgery, diabetes mellitus, Raynaud's phenomenon, systemic sclerosis and Buerger’s disease.


Raynaud's Phenomenon An Update
The pathogenesis of primary Raynaud's disease relies on a typical history and normal physical examination, laboratory studies, and nailfold capillaroscopy, and patients show an increased sensitivity to a^-adrenergic receptor agonists on finger blood flow, and drug therapy is usually conservative.
A biphasic response of platelets to serotonin.
  • J. White
  • Biology
    Scandinavian journal of haematology
  • 1970
Electron microscopic evaluation of samples obtained from the serotonin induced first and second waves revealed changes consistent with aggregometer tracings and with sequential alterations observed during the biphasic response of platelets to other aggregating agents.
Plasma coagulation and fibrinolysis parameters in patients with collagen diseases, and analysis of the multimeric structure of von Willebrand factor (vWF).
Analysis of the multimeric structure of von Willebrand factor (vWF) revealed a tendency for large and intermediate multimers (LIM) of plasma vWF to increase in SLE patients with accompanying vascular complications, whereas such increases were not observed inSLE patients without any vascular complications.
Evaluation of Acceleration Plethysmograms in Dermatology—Efficacy of Lipo PGE1 Preparations against Herpes Zoster and Neuralgia Following Herpes
Investigations using an acceleration plethysmograph may be able to predict the therapeutic effects of vasodilators and analyze hemodynamic disorders of the skin and the efficacy of drugs in general, based on data analysis.
Disease severity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus correlates with an increased ratio of interleukin-10:interferon-gamma-secreting cells in the peripheral blood.
SLE is characterized by an imbalance in the ratio of type 1:type 2 cytokine-secreting PBMC, which is correlated with disease severity in lupus patients correlated with an elevated ratio of IL-1O:IFN gamma-Secreting cells.
Evaluation of peripheral circulation with accelerated plethysmography and its practical application
The traditional plethysmograph of the五ngertip was di旺erenciatedtwice using a time constant of 0. 01 sec which provided us with a value which we named the “acceleration”plethysmogram (A. P. G.). This
Raynaud Phenomenon
  • R. Jepson
  • Medicine
    Postgraduate medical journal
  • 1953
The phasic colour reaction of-white, blue and red-which occurs in the digits following their exposure to cold is known as the Raynaud Phenomenon (R.P.). Its production is not difficult to understand.
Raynaud's syndrome.
Acute cholecystitis as a complication of typhoid has become rare since the advent of antibiotics, but it may develop in a normal gall bladder and may proceed to perforation and biliary peritonitis.
Evaluation ofacceleration plethysmograms in dermatology
  • Dermatol
  • 1998