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Changes in Lipid Components of Pollack During Sun-Drying

  title={Changes in Lipid Components of Pollack During Sun-Drying},
  author={Kwang-Soo Oh},
  • Kwang-Soo Oh
  • Published 1994
  • Chemistry
  • Changes in lipid components of pollack meat during sun-drying and effects of NaCl on lipid oxidation were examined. TBA values and peroxide values of sun dried pollack(SD), salted and sun dried pollack (SS) were 0.142 and 14.8 meq/kg, 0.226 and 20.0 meq/kg after sun-drying, respectively. Raw pollack contained 6.12% total lipid consisted of 2.42% neutral lipid(NL) and 3.70% phospholipid(PL) as dry basis, and there were decrease in PL content during sun-drying. The NL class of raw pollack mainly… CONTINUE READING

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