Changes in EEG foci with age in childhood partial epilepsies.

  title={Changes in EEG foci with age in childhood partial epilepsies.},
  author={Toshiro Konishi and Yasuko Naganuma and Kazuhisa Hongou and Matsutaro Murakami and Miwa Yamatani and Shin-ichi Yagi},
  journal={Clinical EEG},
  volume={25 3},
The age changes of epileptic foci on EEG were evaluated in 208 patients with childhood partial epilepsies, who were followed for more than 3 years. 1) The incidence of EEG foci in each region apparently differed with age. Frontal and central foci were frequent before school age and after adolescence. Temporal foci showed a peak around adolescence, and occipital foci a peak from 3 to 7 years, respectively. Parietal foci were rare at all ages. 2) The migration of EEG foci was recognized 171 times… CONTINUE READING