Changes in EEG alpha power during simulated driving: a demonstration.

  title={Changes in EEG alpha power during simulated driving: a demonstration.},
  author={Mark A. Schier},
  journal={International journal of psychophysiology : official journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology},
  volume={37 2},
  • Mark A. Schier
  • Published 2000 in
    International journal of psychophysiology…
The aim was to assess the suitability of EEG-based techniques to recording activity during a driving simulation task. To achieve this, an inexpensive driving simulator (comprising a steering wheel, pedals and gear shift) were made to function with a personal computer running 'Need for Speed' simulation software. Simulators of this type are both inexpensive and relatively realistic. The EEG was recorded from four sites on the scalp (P3, P4, F3, F4) for two laps during the driving task, and… CONTINUE READING