[Changes in ECG examination of patients with trichinosis].


In the years 1963-1992, 560 patients with the diagnosis of trichinosis were treated in the Department of Parasitic Diseases and Neuroinfections, including 310 women (55.3%) and 250 men (44.7%) aged from 6 to 75 years. Out of this number of patients in 59 cases (10.5%) myocardial damage was found in the course of the disease. The most frequently found changes in ECG record were ventricular repolarization disturbances (66.1%) which persisted in 18.6% of cases before discharge from the hospital. Depolarization disturbances accounted for 32.2% of cases and persisted before discharge from the hospital in 10.1% of patients. In 6.7% of patients, persistence of pathological ECG record was found during the 4th month after the hospitalization which may be an evidence of prolongation of the inflammatory process within the myocardium.

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